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Based on research, the FrameWorks Institute collaborated with the National Center on Elder Abuse and developed a united communication strategy on how best to discuss elder abuse to elicit change. This new tool allows advocates to effectively discuss elder abuse, bringing societal awareness and systemic solutions to the forefront.

On September 15-16, 2016, researchers, practitioners, and students from around the globe assembled in Los Angeles, California to focus on closing the gaps in elder abuse research...

Introduced by Sen. Grassley, S.178, Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on February 9, 2017 with many members of the Committee co-sponsoring the bill.

Erica Wood, JD, Assistant Director, American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging, analyzes the recent report published by the Government Accountability Office on guardianship and what it means to the field.

The American Society on Aging’s Winter 2016-17 issue of Generations presents policy plans and recommendations for the current Administration. In the article, "Strengthening Elder Safety and Security" Laura Mosqueda, M.D., Stacey Hirst, M.P.H, and Charles Sabatino, J.D. propose federal strategies to address elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Introduced by Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), this bill passed the committee by a voice vote without objection. The Elder Justice Coalition National Coordinator Bob Blancato said...

Independence Day gives us time to reflect on what a wonderful country we live in as we bask in the glow of fireworks and gasp in the flow of potato salad. It also provides us with an opportunity to think about how we can do better, as individuals and as a nation...

This blog is about the power of imagination…how it helped bring us to where we are today, and how it will frame our vision for tomorrow.

Find out how to determine true from false claims, and how to avoid financial exploitation altogether.

Each year criminals use the identities of 2.5 million deceased Americans to establish fraudulent credit accounts, according to data from ID Analytics...

Last week, the Elder Justice Coordinating Council (EJCC) held its spring meeting on Capitol Hill...As I listened to these dedicated, talented people presenting what they have learned and how they are tackling the thorny issues that elder abuse presents, it struck me that we have accomplished a great deal since the EJCC was established in 2012...

New York City Elder Abuse Center interviews Leanne Miller, Ageless Alliance Social Media Manager and Volunteer, about how joining elder justice efforts has provided an avenue to heal from the devastating impacts of elder abuse experienced in her family.

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