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My Story

Tell us a little about yourself: I was a single father and raised my son from age 2 years old until he went off to college. I did advertising for start-up groups, and was an artist and a writer. I was a Middle school art teacher for 10 years. I also had a deli for a while in order for my son to have a safe place to work. After my son was in college, I went to seminary school and worked as a Chaplain as well as ran a counseling office. I’ve always had an adventurous spirit. Share a favorite memory: When my son was 3 years old, we lived in a apartment that was newly renovated. Around Christmas time we did the whole santa thing and that night I put presents out. The next morning my son runs in and said, “dad, dad santa was here!” I guess my footprints had stayed in the carpet and he thought they were santa’s footprints. Please share a summary about the abuse experienced: I moved into an assisted living. One of the male caregivers kept touching me and saying, “I can’t wait to give you a shower” and I kept pushing him away. One night, while I was sitting on my bed watching television, this caregiver came into my room, pushed me down on the bed and molested me. He also hit me where I had just had surgery so I was unable to fight back. My roommate saw everything. When I told the owner they first said I was a liar. After checking with my roommate, the owner, board member and caregiver all convinced me me not to report anything. A few months later the caregiver molested someone else and they fired him. I had only been there a few months and worried about losing housing, which is why I didn’t report to the police. I did report to LTC Ombudsmen and was encouraged to go with the owner’s requests. What action steps are you taking to address and prevent this issue from happening to others? I’ve been an activist my whole life and have to do something. This just has to be addressed. Sharing my story any way I can to shed light on this!