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Type of Abuse

neglect, physical

My Story

My mother was placed at a Memory Care in Loveland, Colorado in November, 2015. Fifteen months later, she passed away after sustaining a severe head injury in December 2016. During her 15 months at this facility, my mother was assaulted by other residents at the facility, over-medicated (with Guardian approval), and was neglected by the facility to the point of being severely injured numerous times. Although family members pleaded for the legal Guardian, Care Plan Manager, the court, and Larimer County Ombudsman to protect my mother, they did not do so. Incidents of abuse and neglect include my mother being over-medicated with Seroquel (3 times per day), assaulted by other residents (thrown against a door, hit in the face, slapped, punched) neglected hygiene, personal belongings stolen or “misplaced” (Social Security card and driver’s license) and an inappropriate medication”taste test” was performed on her at the facility in April 2016. During the “taste test,” my mother was given several concoctions to drink in order for the Director to get her feedback on their taste, and whether they were “bitter” or not. After the “taste test,” the Director left the area, leaving her completely unattended and over-medicated. My mother fell and was unable to stand up so had to crawl on her hands and knees across the floor. This is just one of many incidents at this facility where my mother was mistreated, abused, or neglected. The incidents were reported to all parties (Guardian, Care Plan Manager, Ombudsman) but the abuse and neglect continued throughout the year. In December 2016, my mother fell again at this facility and sustained a severe head injury that ultimately took her life 60 days later. The legal Guardian nor the Care Plan Manager ever informed the family members of the accident, a medical doctor did not attend to my mother, she was not taken to a hospital for an x-ray or CT Scan, and according to the Care Plan Manager, “only needed Neosporin and bandaids.”