10 Simple Ways to Make a Difference on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day occurs every year around the world on June 15. It is a day that we honor and remember the victims and survivors of elder abuse and pledge ourselves anew to the cause of elder justice in the U.S.

This year the Ageless Alliance national theme for WEAAD is “Make a Difference… With Your Heart, Hands, Voice and Mind”. Each of us can make a difference for older adults this WEAAD by using our hearts, hands, voices and minds to get involved and take action.

There are many big events planned for WEAAD (including a historic meeting at the United Nations), and you can get ideas for activities that you could plan in your community on our “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day” page.

But there are also lots of simple things that individuals can do to commemorate the day and the cause. Here are a few ideas to start you off.

Wear purple and tell people why you are wearing purple!
Visit an elderly friend or relative and give them the “Protect Yourself” handout.
Put out information about elder abuse at your place of work, school or house of worship.
Donate $10 to your favorite elder abuse non-profit organization in honor of the 10 out of 100 older Americans who are abused each year.
Email 5 friends encouraging them to check out Ageless Alliance.
Talk to your children about aging and explain that, contrary to what they may see in the media, growing older is a natural process, not a bad one!
Post on Facebook or Tweet about the need to end elder abuse (#endelderabuse) and “like” Ageless on Facebook.
Add “I stand for dignity, I will not stand for elder abuse!” or “Take a stand against elder abuse, join” to your email signature.
Take the “I Will” pledge! Fill it out and send it to us.
What will YOU do to make a difference? Add your idea here!
Let’s add ideas to keep the list going!

Which of these simple actions would you like to take? Committing to one or more of these is a great start!

Whatever you choose to do on or near WEAAD, let us know! We want to know all the great things that Ageless members are doing.

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