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We moved our parents to assisted living in April 2014. My mom had severe Dementia and dad had mild Dementia, Parkinson's and Prostate Cancer. In June one of my brothers got POA and my other brother was secondary. There are 4 of us kids. I trusted my brothers 100%. My mom passed away March 30th 2015. In July 2015 my dad started going downhill fast. Hospice started with dad on July 28th 2015. I had never looked at any of dad's mail, but in October 2015 when I was with him and his bank statement came, a little voice told me to open it. I was shocked. $50,000 was transferred out of his account on August 17th! After that, I looked at all of his mail. I am happy to say dad got better and Hospice stopped caring for him in January 2016 and he is still with us! I found out my brothers have taken over half of what mom and dad had. They have taken approximately $600,000! I confronted them on March 1st 2016 via email and neither of them replied. So, I contacted DHS and they contacted the SCPD. A detective was assigned my case. In March 2016, he told me there definitely will be charges. In April 2016 he told me this is criminal. Then on July 29th 2016 he called me and told me the county attorney said this was not a criminal case. He said, "The POA paperwork is so general that the POA's can do whatever they want with your parents money." So, I had to hire an attorney. We have had 4 dates for conservatorship hearings so far. The first one was August 10th 2016. They keep getting rescheduled. Our latest is March 8th 2018. We had a trial date for September 20th 2017 and that got rescheduled for February 16th 2018. My brother wrote checks to himself, paid his own bills, wrote a check to my other brother for $40,000 and transferred $25,000 to our other brothers girlfriend out of our parents account. They say dad approved of both of them investing $225,000 each. But yet they haven't shown any proof of these investments. This happened between August 2014 and January 2016. Dad turned 90 in September 2014 and he had Dementia. I will remind you hospice started with dad on July 28th 2015. On August 3rd 2015, $30,000 was transferred out of his account. Then on August 17th 2015, $50,000 was transferred out of his account. Dad was in no shape to approve of anything. We thought dad was dying. The detective knew all of this. My attorney put in for a subpoena for the evidence that the detective turned in. In all of the video taped interviews, he said ALL information will be turned in to the county attorneys office. But then in his written report he says he gave the POA papers to the county attorney for review. He doesn't say he gave all the information to the county attorney. Why wouldn't he give all the information to the county attorneys office? He had my parents bank statements and copies of the checks that my brother wrote, and he didn't turn it in to the county attorney. HOW IS NONE OF THIS CRIMINAL?