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Type of Abuse

financial, neglect, physical, psychological/verbal

My Story

My story is about a prominent issue now shown on tv and still has not prompted any help. My Parents have suffered abuse for years at the hands of the Scientology cult. My brother and his adult daughter are both members of Scientology and have disconnected my Parents from society, including myself and their friends. The phone was cut off over two years ago and no one is allowed into the home to check on my Parent's status. I do not even know if they are alive or not. In the meantime my Parent's pensions have been stolen and used for drugs/alcohol by my brother and his daughter. I have identified social isolation, lack of communication, no medical care and at the least severe verbal abuse. They have been exposed to HIV, non-disclosed for years, by my brother and his daughter, without being tested and/or treated. The more important issue is that the State of Nevada Aging Services closed my elder abuse cases,(3), deliberately without interviewing eyewitnesses to abuse. They did not investigate at all. The local law enforcement agencies will not do an elderly welfare check for my Parent's safety, even though they have no phone service. This vicious behavior is paid for by Sea.Org, which is the financial part of Scientology. The abuse is Human Rights violations to my Parents because denial of HIV testing, diagnosis and treatment, and other needed medical care is a guaranteed right in our country. So is freedom to come and go as they please and to not be forced to practice a religion,(cult) belief system against their own normal beliefs. I have written to Senator Dean Heller for assistance and still nothing has been done to arrest my brother, his daughter and other Scientology cult members responsible for this horrendous abuse in our own country. Help!