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November 14, 2017

My story is about a prominent issue now shown on tv and still has not prompted any help. My Parents have suffered abuse for years at the hands of the Scientology cult. My brother and his adult daughter are both members of Scientology and have disconnected my Parents from society, including myself and their friends. The phone was cut off over two years ago and no one is allowed into the home to check on my Parent's status. I do not even know if they are alive or not. In the meantime my Parent's pensions have been stolen and used for drugs/alcohol by my brother and his daughter. I have identified social isolation, lack of communication, no medical care and at the least severe verbal abuse....

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November 2, 2017

We moved our parents to assisted living in April 2014. My mom had severe Dementia and dad had mild Dementia, Parkinson's and Prostate Cancer. In June one of my brothers got POA and my other brother was secondary. There are 4 of us kids. I trusted my brothers 100%. My mom passed away March 30th 2015. In July 2015 my dad started going downhill fast. Hospice started with dad on July 28th 2015. I had never looked at any of dad's mail, but in October 2015 when I was with him and his bank statement came, a little voice told me to open it. I was shocked. $50,000 was transferred out of his account on August 17th! After that, I looked at all of his mail. I am happy to say dad got better and...

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October 21, 2017

I am a psychotherapist here in Northern California. I am a mother of two sets of identical twins. My father had been living independently in Fresno, California. Around 2007 my eldest brother whom suffers from mental illness and is obsessed with money came up with a plan to show my father was incompetent and then take over and have access to all his money. When this came to light my mother, (who is divorced from my father, but was close to him) my sister and I realized for his safely from my brother, literally packed a few bags and got on a plane and went to the Seattle Washington area. It was felt my being 3 hours away was too close for my brother having access to my father. To make a...

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October 12, 2017

My mother was placed at a Memory Care in Loveland, Colorado in November, 2015. Fifteen months later, she passed away after sustaining a severe head injury in December 2016. During her 15 months at this facility, my mother was assaulted by other residents at the facility, over-medicated (with Guardian approval), and was neglected by the facility to the point of being severely injured numerous times. Although family members pleaded for the legal Guardian, Care Plan Manager, the court, and Larimer County Ombudsman to protect my mother, they did not do so. Incidents of abuse and neglect include my mother being over-medicated with Seroquel (3 times per day), assaulted by other residents...

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September 26, 2017

My sister had been divorced for 17 years when she married her second husband. She had no children of her own, while he had three adult children by his prior marriage. My sister was a well-educated, highly respected professional social worker with a wide circle of friends and professional associates. She was my older and only sibling and we maintained a close relationship throughout our adult lives. I escorted her down the aisle at her first marriage because our father had passed away a year earlier and also did so at her second marriage. Even though we lived in different states and many miles apart during most of our adult years, we visited each other at least yearly and phoned each...

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