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September 23, 2017

My mom resided in an assisted living facility in San Diego for several years after my dad passed away. One day she noticed her heirloom silver and some jewelry had been stolen from  a closet shelf. I had warned her not to keep valuables there, but she came from the a different era where people trusted others. 

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Older person looking at the camera with flowers in the background.

September 21, 2017

My mother always balanced her checkbook but when we came to visit one time she told us she was confused as the totals always were off.  I noticed that there was a deduction taken out electronically.We contacted her bank and discovered that a company my mother had not heard of had taken money out of her account.  They had somehow found out her routing number and account number.  The bank told us this was a common problem with some clients having  had their entire accounts emptied .  We were advised to close the account and open a new account. Shortly after  we did so I noticed that the same things was happening again.  My mother  had cashed a small check that was sent to her....

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Older man looking at the camera.

September 20, 2017

Tell us a little about yourself: I was a single father and raised my son from age 2 years old until he went off to college. I did advertising for start-up groups, and was an artist and a writer. I was a Middle school art teacher for 10 years. I also had a deli for a while in order for my son to have a safe place to work. After my son was in college, I went to seminary school and worked as a Chaplain as well as ran a counseling office. I’ve always had an adventurous spirit. Share a favorite memory: When my son was 3 years old, we lived in a apartment that was newly renovated. Around Christmas time we did the whole santa thing and that night I put presents out. The next morning my son...

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Older friends at the beach looking at the water.

August 19, 2017

My friend who is almost 70 years old and single allowed her son and girlfriend to move into her condo without paying rent. It's been years and while she works they don't pay for anything and drink a lot. She is threatened and bullied, but fears doing anything. She thinks her only option would be to sell the condo. This breaks my...

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Older person holding the United States flag and riding a horse.

August 7, 2017

"I am 87 years old and I was not even a year old when I moved to Hawaii. I let my hair grow like the Hawaiians had theirs and went surfing out with the guys. Between the first year of junior year of college and second year, I volunteered for the army and I retired in 1987 as a full Colonel. I met my wife in Camp Bradbury; she was a secretary for the Red Cross. We were married for 50 years. She died in 2004. I do have incurable cancer and they are not giving me that much time but I figured well, if you tell me 4 months then I’ll try for 8 months so that’s where we are now." "A fellow that was an attorney that did my will made the head of the board and care agency...

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